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Diana 'Goddess of the Hunt' (Sara Vom Bruch)

Pictures by Abby Jensen

Sara Vom Bruch (Diana - Goddess of the Hunt) was carefully selected to start my own breeding program at Thor-Winds Kennel. I have had such a wonderful time with Thor II and need to find his understudy, unfortunately.

With a lot of help from my good friend Tom McDonald, the search was started. We intended to compliment Thor II's talents and improve the United States gene pool for pointing instinct and nose sensitivity.

We feel that the breeding of Astor Vom Kiefernwalde and Aika Vom Zeppelinstein in Mr. Anton Starke’ s kennel in Germany has the potential for exactly what I want in generations to come.

Thor II's "mail order bride" is proving to be just that! I will keep you posted. Sincerely, Mick Jensen.

View her pedigree.


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