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Thor II is the second male I have owned the result of mating Eider Vom Wolfsbau and Dejong's Audi, from the kennels of Ray Dejong. Thor I was my first Small Munsterlander and, having the run of our acreage, met an untimely death when run over by a pickup.

After an extensive search for a replacement, I came to the conclusion I wanted another Thor! Thor I had all the criteria mentioned in the book: "The Training and Care of the Versatile Hunting Dog", by Sigbot Winterholt and Edward D. Bailey. 

"There are several breeds of versatile dogs common in continental Europe, and with four exceptions, all were developed during the last decades of the 19th century. The four exceptions are much older breeds and provided a base for some of the others. These four are the Weimaraner, the Vizsla, the Brittany Spaniel, and his German cousin, the Small Munsterlander Pointer."

On page 2 the breeders tell what they were attempting to accomplish: The dogs had to possess a keen nose with a strong pointing instinct and a lively temperament. Also Eagerness to retrieve from both land and water, stamina and a durable coat and hide that would not hamper the dogs' work in cold water. The dogs also had  to be intelligent, relatively easily trained, having a character compatible to live indoor with their master or to be kenneled.*

I think you can see why I choose this breed. As a youngster, growing up hunting, the only dogs I was accustomed to were best left home as not to scare pheasants well out of range. I was not exposed to pointing dogs until much later in my hunting career. At that point I started my quest.

After visiting Ray Dejong, it became apparent that his interest in hunting was parallel to mine and it seemed that I was able to follow his advice.

Ray helped me pick a male that really exhibited the characteristics mentioned earlier. I should mention, since we have two house cats and our dogs live in the house, temperament was very important.

I have been very fortunate to own two really great hunting dogs in my life. Some say, God only gives you one!

As you can see by the photos, Thor II is a truly versatile dog and in addition a great friend.

Mick Jensen and Thor II

If you are interested in more specific information on the Small Munsterlander Breed, there are several websites that contain more information. I suggest you start with the SMCNA website (Small Munsterlander Club of North America,  Inc.) and branch out from there.

Thor II scored 112 points on Natural Ability and won first Prize in Utility with 185 points. His OFA is "good".

If you are interested in breeding to Thor II, he is available for a limited number of breedings by private treaty. Please send a photo, Natural Ability test results, Utility test results (if available), and OFA or PENN results. Since we are trying to improve the Small Munsterlander breed as a hunting and household companion, good scores on nose, desire, and cooperation will be given high priority, and only approved breeding females will be considered.

Since I am a hunter and not a dog trainer, with limited time available for either pursuit, I choose the Harmeyer's at Krystal Creek Kennels for the bulk of Thor's training. They can be reached at 920-668-8619 for further questions about his training.

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